What defines who you are

As I get older I realize how important it is to be whole.  Life throws so many twist and turns, so many ups and downs. There's unexpected disappointments that sometimes can send you to your knees. I have had all the above.  However, even in the midst of what people would consider as defeat, I have been able to bounce back (although not always easy).  I believe the reason is because of my journey to achieve complete wholeness. 

The word of God states, that I am a overcomer. I am the head and not the tail. I have been made in the image of Christ.  So that tells me I'm not my mistakes. I'm not my bad choices. So that allowed me to recover. Life experience would knock me down but the word would pick me up. 

I believe the word and strive to do the word with the renewing of my mind. It truly has allowed me to soar above my problems, situations, and disappointments.  Because I love me and I know He loves me, I can make it each day with my head up high. So no matter what has happen in your past, find out who you are in Christ and live the victorious life. Be redefine by the Word of God.

I would love to hear from you. What past experiences have had a great impact on your life? how are you allowing the Word of God to redefine who you are? Send me all your comments on Facebook or Twitter. Let me know also about topics you would like to hear me touch on. 

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In my line of work I get the opportunity to participate in trend shows. For those of you who are not  familiar with that term, let me explain. In front of a group of people, I get to display the latest and hottest makeup trend on my model. A trend in the beauty industry is a particular look for the season. For instance, we are into spring so the trend is loud, bright colors on the eyes, and lips! The hot pinks, greens, yellows are whats happening!

Lets apply trends to our daily life. Whats the latest trends that are happening right now in the world? Are you trying to follow the latest  trends? 

What I didnt tell you about trends was that not all trends are for you. When they came out with the skinny jeans, I knew it wasn't for this plus size girl (Yes, that's me!). So, I didn't even bother with that trend! When you follow a trend, you are influenced. Sometimes that is good and sometimes it is not. When you decide if your going to follow a trend whether its beauty or life ask yourself these questions: 

1. Does this enhance me whether its physically, mentally, or emotionally?  

2. Am I better as a result of this trend?

3. Am I compromising my beliefs or convictions?

Remember not all trends are made for you whether its beauty, life, etc. Only follows those that will make you a better you!

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Self Esteem 101

Let's take a break with skincare and makeup and talk about YOU!

I have come to realize that healthy self esteem is an attribute many woman lack.  As a 40 year old woman - soon to be 41 in July, hint! hint! - I've experienced poor self esteem in my life's journey. 

Healthy self esteem is being SURE of yourself no matter what you have or don't have. Loving yourself regardless of what you want to change physically and or personally in your life. 

The word of God tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  So right there, that tells you that you are special. The bible also talks about being made in the image of God. Therefore, if God is amazing, and I am made in His image then I must be pretty amazing!! In addition, the Bible goes on to speak about the fact that we are the head and not the tell, above and not beneath, we are more than a conqueror!  Regardless what you have done, God tells you who you are!