In my line of work I get the opportunity to participate in trend shows. For those of you who are not  familiar with that term, let me explain. In front of a group of people, I get to display the latest and hottest makeup trend on my model. A trend in the beauty industry is a particular look for the season. For instance, we are into spring so the trend is loud, bright colors on the eyes, and lips! The hot pinks, greens, yellows are whats happening!

Lets apply trends to our daily life. Whats the latest trends that are happening right now in the world? Are you trying to follow the latest  trends? 

What I didnt tell you about trends was that not all trends are for you. When they came out with the skinny jeans, I knew it wasn't for this plus size girl (Yes, that's me!). So, I didn't even bother with that trend! When you follow a trend, you are influenced. Sometimes that is good and sometimes it is not. When you decide if your going to follow a trend whether its beauty or life ask yourself these questions: 

1. Does this enhance me whether its physically, mentally, or emotionally?  

2. Am I better as a result of this trend?

3. Am I compromising my beliefs or convictions?

Remember not all trends are made for you whether its beauty, life, etc. Only follows those that will make you a better you!

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